Caitlin + Ben // Coriole Wedding // Mclarenvale

January 27, 2017

When the saxophonist made his way onto the D-floor… the party was Oooooooooonnn. Ben was already getting pretty loose (in the best possible way), but this seemed to give everyone else an excuse to do the same. Yeeeeew!

The crazy pave slate dance floor under the stars, is just one of the reasons Coriole Winery in Mclarenvale has gotta be one of my favourite wedding venues at the mo’. I just love the place…


bride and groom walk hand in hand on dirt path through Coriole winery in Mclarenvale Adelaide South Australia

Happy guest cheers at winery wedding in Mclarenvale at Coriole winery South Australia

beautiful bride in bespoke lace dress with bougainvillea in background

groom makes bride laugh on road at dusk with flowers and vines in background 

bride and groom holding each other in beautiful winery at dusk

bride and groom walking together in winery

dapper groom and gorgeous bride walk hand in hand along dirt road surrounded by vines at coriole winery in Mclarenvale

bride in bespoke dress with groom in black suit and tie laughing together in vineyard

Beautiful bride walking towards her reception through the garden at coriole winery in Mclarenvale

Mclarenvale Coriole vineyards beautiful sunset view over vines and fields

Coriole winery wedding reception guests enjoying themselves, laughing, smiling, eating, drinking

wedding speeches laughter between groom and best man

Married couple first dance outside under lights and stars at their wedding

Wedding soxophonist on Dance floor with married couple partying together