Caitlin & Ben – Engagement shoot

May 6, 2016

Caitlin and Ben…what can I say…. loved photographing these guys, they’re just Rad humans. Living in Melbs at the moment, we caught up for our engagement shoot when they were back in town for a weekend. We met up for brunch at Whistle & Flute and had the best breakfast I can remember having for a while… sooo good… but that’s another story. We arranged to hook up later that day for our little shoot and Caitlin shared with me how nervous she was. “Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine, we gonna have some fun!” I said, and I meant it.

We caught up later, she was nervous, we eased into it, I cracked some bad jokes we laughed at me and each other,  and then we were away… it was all good times!

engagement shoot with Autumn colours in park with happy natural couple in beautiful afternoon back lightportrait of handsome dapper man with beard in beautiful afternoon light amongst Autumn leaves and colours CB09CB05engagement shoot, black and white of beautiful happy couple walking in afternoon light fun relaxed natural urban engagement shoot CB01engagement shoot, black and white moody portrait relaxed natural portrait of dapper bearded manCB06CB03CB11CB02CB04Engagement Shoot urban relaxed natural fun happy couple Dave Pascoe Photography