Everyone was like….. WHAAAAAAAT??? Georgie and Bing had ducked off and returned to the D-floor as Johnny and Baby from DIRTY DANCING! Then the music dropped…I’VE HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE…. and so it began. They nailed the entire dance sequence from the movie, including the lift. Everyone lost it… and then it was party time.

Bride laughs naturally as she holds her flowers

Groom with groomsmen pre ceremony at One Paddock Wedding in Currency Creek

Bride in amazing dress approaches groom with his back turned for their first look at One Paddock Wedding

Bride and groom embrace during first look before their wedding ceremony at One Paddock winery

Bridesmaids laugh together with bouquets and mismatched dresses

Dapper groom and stylish bride hold hands smile together at One Paddock wedding Currency Creek

Bride poses with flowers and gold wedding dress

Stylish bride and groom walk away hand in hand at One Paddock wedding

Bride and groom laugh together in Vineyard at One Paddock wedding

Stylish Bride and groom by the road in currency creek at dusk at One Paddock wedding