Why a photographer feels K1 is up there with the best South Australian Wineries for a wedding

With sooooo many crazy-good options for winery weddings in and around Adelaide… choosing a wedding venue must be a daunting task. With that in mind, I wanted to give you a photographer’s perspective on why K1 Winery in Kuitpo is one of my faves, and perhaps the best around the Adelaide Hills / Mclarenvale area…

Happy bride and groom at their wedding at K1 winery, walking hand in hand along backlit tree lined driveway

The Views from the reception Venue

Surrounded by beautiful deciduous trees, overlooking the lake and vineyards beyond, the view from the lake house is ridiculous. Originally built as a holiday home to be enjoyed by the owners in retirement, it’s been perfectly positioned on the property to make the most of this visually stunning location.

K1 winery view over lake and vineyards from wedding reception venue

That K1 Winery Driveway

I’m calling it… the best driveway/entrance to a winery ever. I know, big call right… but it’s insane! The first time I shot there was in winter and all the trees were bare which created this amazing sense of depth that pulled you down to the lake. In summer all the trees are green and dense with foliage giving an equally magical, but totally different feel. I can’t wait to photograph an Autumn wedding there to experience all the colours. That’s another of K1’s biggest assets to me as a wedding photographer. It changes so dramatically throughout the different seasons making it exciting and fresh to photograph. You can always discover something new with the changing seasons and the shifting sun.

portrait of bride in wedding dress with long sleeves and fascinator on tree lined driveway at K1 winery near Kuitpo forest

Winery Wedding Photos… K1 style

Ohhhhhh man, where do I start… this place seems like it was made for wedding photography. The ceremony location down by the lake is gorgeous and has easy access for the brides arrival. Then there’s a great wall of greenery shaded from the sun nearby which is ideal for family photos. Tree lined gravel roads snake their way throughout the grounds, and because they’re white gravel, they bounce beautiful flattering light back up to illuminate faces. Next you have the epic K1 winery vineyards which are perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the setting sun. They run East to West down a hill which means we can get that ethereal backlight… AAAAHHHHHHHHH. THen you have the driveway… ’nuff said. This place was made for weddings.

happy , relaxed bride and groom walking hand in hand through the vines at sunset in K1 winery Kuitpo

There are so many other reasons I love K1 winery for weddings, with their incredible wines ( try the Gruner Veltliner ), the outstanding caterers and the friendly staff. There’s even views from the toilets. The fact that everything is there in one place, so the day flows effortlessly. There is plenty of shade for summer and wet weather options in case of rain. I just love the place.

elated couple, showered in flower petals, just married by the lake at K1 winery

black and white photo of bride and groom at sunset in the vines at K1 winery Kuitpo Adelaide

bridesmaids laughing together uposed and natural with bride and flowers in hand at K1 winery

ceremony location by the lake at K1 winery in Kuitpo near mclarenvale

bride and groom at sunset near the lake at K1 winery as the sun sets and they head to their wedding reception

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