Trucks, warehouses, a backyard & laughter

June 1, 2016

We kept getting interrupted. Trucks were constantly coming and going dumping loads of crushed glass into the warehouse behind us. They weren’t phased.

“Hey… can we come in for a few photos?” called Rebekah.

“Sure, why not. Be Careful though, it’s dirty and dusty in here, and watch out for trucks!” Said the two blokes inside wearing high vis.

“That’s cool, we don’t mind.”

She beat me to it! We hadn’t discussed it yet… but I wanted to get into the warehouse for some funky photos, unsure if I could actually make it happen. Probably a good thing too. I mean, I get “no” all the time, but It’s hard to say no to a bride on her wedding day.

That’s Rebekah and Luke, and kinda sums up their day. Always up for an adventure, super chilled and down to have fun. An intimate little backyard wedding at a friends place, no bridal party, walking each other down the aisle, hanging out and getting ready together in the morning. Oh Yeahhhhhhhh…

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